Friday, 27 July 2012

Awoozing Race Rome Quiz Answers !

1 . Rome is the capital city of what country ? Italy
2 . There is actually a country that is located in the heart of Rome; it’s the smallest in the world . What is the name of this country ? Vatican
3 . What is the name of the famous amphitheater ( largest ever built by the Roman Empire ) located in the heart of Rome ? Colosseum
4 . The largest interior of any Christian church in the world is named after which Saint ?  Peter
5 . Who is the legendary founder of the city of Rome ?  Romulus
6 . Who is the famous Roman general and statesman that greatly increased ancient Rome’s power ?        Julius Caesar
7 . What is the name of the main river that passes through Rome ?  Tiber
8 . What is Rome’s most famous fountain ? Trevi

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