Thursday, 26 July 2012

Awoozing Race Moscow Quiz Answers!

 1 . Moscow Is The Capitol Of What Country ? Russia
 2  . What Is The Name For The Residence Of The Russian Presidant And Executives Of Government In Moscow ? Kremlin
3 . The City Of Moscow Is Named Because Of The River That Passes Through It . What Is The River's Name ? Moskva
4 . In What Year Did Moscow Host The Summer Olympic Games ? 1980
5 . What Is The Name Of The Most Famous Cathedral That Sits In The Geometric Center Of Moscow ? Saint _____ . Basil    -By The Way: There is a short cut here. So when your at Question 5 click the box which you get your prize from!-
6 . What Is The Name Of The MOst Titled Ice Hockey Team And In The World , Based In Moscow ? CSKA
7 . Which Russian Communist Revolutionary Transformed Into The U.S.S.R In 1922 ? Lenin
8 . Moscow Houses The 4th Tallest Free Standing Land Structure In The World . What's Its Name ?      Ostankino Tower

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