Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Awoozing Race Cairo Quiz Answers !

1 . Cairo is the capital city of which African country? Egypt
2 . Cairo is near the town of Giza and what famous giant statue of a lion with a human head? Great Sphinx
3 . Cairo Is Near A Very Famous Necropolis Consisting Of Three Great ________ . Pyramids
4 . Who Was The First Sultan Of Egypt In 1171 That Based His Operations In Cairo ? Saladin
5 . What Is Cairo's Most Popular Sport ? Soccer
6 . What Cairo Establishment Is Home To The Most Extensive Collection Of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities ? Egyptian Museum
7 . What Is The River That Passes Through Cairo And Most Of Egypt ? Nile
8 . What is Cairo’s major public town square, located in the downtown area? Tahrir Square

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